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NCC's Web Payment Help Screen.

Creating an Account

If you already have an account and password please go to the “How to Login” section below, or see our FAQ Section Below

  • First you must have an Access Code and your SSN (Social Security Number)
    • To receive this Access Code you must have a letter received from Nationwide Credit Corporation with “Your access code is:” printed on it.
    • Your Access Code is the set of three numbers and two decimal points (For Example 1.2345678.901)
    • You can also receive an access code by calling our main number and talking to one of our representatives.: (800) 481– 2651 or (571) 499-4526
  • Next continue to our Login Screen: http://www.payncc.com/webpay (By clicking on the link you agree to the Terms & Conditions of this Web Site.)
  • Enter your Access Code in the “Create Account - New Users” box and click on "Log In"

    • Next: Enter your SSN in the “Please Identify Yourself “ box and click “Continue” (This is to verify that no one else has access to your information)

    • If you are having trouble getting past this point, then it is possible that either your Access Code is incorrect or we are unable to match the SSN on our Account. Please call (800)481– 2651 or (571)499-4526 and speak to one of our representatives


  • Establish an Online Account - > Enter a password in the box, type it again in the confirm password section and click on "Continue"
    • (Password must be 6-8 Characters )
  • Your Account has been created. You will see a box that says: "You now have an online account. You can login using the account number: D-1-xxxxxxxx and the password you supplied. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER - This is not the same as your Access Code, once you create an account your Access Code can no longer be used.-> Click on the "Go To Login" Button
  • How to Login

  • Enter your Account Number (The Number that starts with a "D-1-xxxxxxxxx", not your Access Code)

  • Enter your password and click on "Log In"
  • You will now see the "Welcome " screen

  • Please click on one of the options on the Left and continue with your transaction.
    • Listed accounts
    • Change password
    • Pay by Credit Card
    • Pay by Check


  • “I cannot log in using the access code provided”
    • Have you ever logged into our webpay site before?
      • If the answer is YES, then the access code is no longer valid. You have already setup an Account ID and password. Your Account ID starts with a D-1, if you do not have or do not know your Account ID. Please call (800)481– 2651 or (571)499-4526 and speak to one of our representatives
    • If you have never logged into our webpay site?
      • Please call (800)481– 2651 or (571)499-4526 and speak to one of our representatives to verify your access code.
  • “I forgot my password”
    • Please call (800)481– 2651 or (571)499-4526 and speak to one of our representatives and they will submit a request to have your password changed, usually within 24 Business hours. Please leave a phone number we can reach you and contact you back if necessary.
  • “It says my IP address is blocked”
    • This means that you tried so many times with the wrong information, that our server thinks they are malicious, and has blocked your computer.
      • First obtain your IP address -> Go to www.whatsmyip.org, and it will tell you what it is.
      • Then Please call (800)481– 2651 or (571)499-4526 and speak to one of our representatives and give them the IP address and the last date and time you tried to log in (If you do not know this, then try again right then and there, and note the date and time)
  • "The web-pay site is not working"
    • Please give us specifics!!!
      • How far are you getting
      • At what point are you having issues
      • Please call (800)481– 2651 or (571)499-4526 and speak to one of our representatives, and they will submit a ticket with our IT department and will get back to you, please make sure you give a phone number you can be reached at.

If you are still having problems or need further assistance please call our Collection Department at 1-800-481-2651 or 703-813-1426 during our normal business hours of:

8:30am to 8:00pm EST Monday and Tuesday

8:30am to 4:45pm EST Wednesday through Friday

08:30am to 12:00pm EST Most Saturdays.

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** Attention, due to system maintenance, the Web Pay system may be down around 9pm Monday through Friday. Try the system again in 10-15 Minutes**

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